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Team building and corporate holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza

Team Building in Barcelona and Ibiza


Team building and corporate holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza

Barcelona Bienestar do not only offer sport and fitness holidays to Barcelona and Ibiza. We also offer team building and corporate holidays and retreats. Can you think of better place to improve your team?

What is team building?
Team building has changed over the years, and so has the places it is done. If your company still goes paintballing, then you need to read on.

Team building has four main components:

1) Goal setting: aligning around goals
2) Interpersonal-relationship management: building effective working relationships
3) Role clarification: reducing ambiguity
4) Problem solving: finding solutions to team problems

Team building has been proved to have positive effects on cognitive, affective, process and performance team outcomes. In fact, team building has the strongest effect on affective and process outcomes, and the largest effect on financial measures of organisational performance. Recent meta-analyses show team building improves both a team’s objective performance and supervisory subjective rating on performance.

Team building aims to enhance social relations and clarify team member’s roles as well as solving task and interpersonal problems that affect team functioning. Team building has always been about a group process intervention aimed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions. But we at Barcelona Bienestar have developed it into much more, including achieving results, meeting goals and accomplishing tasks. It’s not about target-based competencies, and it’s not usually formal or systematic in nature.

Why choose Barcelona Bienestar for your team building experience?
We offer activities that encourage teams to engage and change its context, composition and team competencies to improve performance. Team building is not the same as training. It is not usually done in the settings that are not the actual environment where the team usually works, and there can be few settings that are as inspiring and motivating as Barcelona and Ibiza.

So which type of teams are our clients? Whilst the theory and practise of organisational development makes it perfect for office or shop-floor based industries, it can also be successfully applied to many other groups from sports teams to school groups.

Your team building experience should be all about your organisation and its needs. It should never be a “one size fits all” package. It must be tailor-made to fit you. This is where Barcelona Bienestar offers something very special. We do not start with a standard program. We start with a blank piece of paper. We have all the ideas, but it your choice as to how and what we do to achieve your specific goals. Because we are the experts in sport and fitness holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza, we can also integrate events such as SUP (stand up paddle), rock climbing, hiking and many other activities that will test your staff both mentally and physically, individually and as part of a team.

If you are thinking that all this sounds great, but it will come at a price that is too expensive for your budget, then think again. The cost of one of our team building experiences in Barcelona and Ibiza is comparable to inferior events in your own country.
We have a wide range of accommodation from farmhouses to hotels, so the facilities, range of accommodation and the weather really does make Barcelona and Ibiza first class venues for your next team building or corporate event. We also arrange excursions, nights out and shows if you want to add more life to your stay. Barcelona Bienestar can make your event come to life.

To organise your event, please contact our corporate team who will be delighted to assist you.



The World Cup: Coleen Rooney, WAGS, and Pilates

Sport Core Strength Chris Hunt Pilates


Any excuse to talk about football and I am there. I am a lifelong passionate fan of Arsenal and Barcelona. When I lived in London I was a regular at Highbury and then the Emirates, and now I am blessed to be in Barcelona watching one of the most beautiful football teams in the world. I played football for many years as a boy and young man, so applying my knowledge of Pilates to footballers is something I naturally enjoy.

Before the serious stuff, you might have noticed that the World Cup is almost upon us, and whilst the players are going through their final preparations, so too are the wives and girlfriends (WAGS). In the UK there is always s big fuss about the WAGS and their impact on the players.

Queen of the WAGS. mother of two and wife of England striker Wayne Rooney is Coleen Rooney. She took to twitter this week to tell us all about her fitness regime, which includes gym sessions, interval training and of course Pilates. She said “I always wear a bikini on holiday, they’re the first thing I think about packing. I have drawers full and I always take far too many away. But like anyone else I have to be careful about what I choose. There are certain shapes I’ve found that make me feel confident, so I stick to those. I tend to avoid anything too skimpy on the bottom half and I look for halter neck styles on top. My main problem area is my love handles so I don’t want to wear anything tight around my hips. Thin, stringy, tie-side briefs aren’t flattering so I always go for big bikini bottoms.”

With these inspiring words in mind, let me turn to the serious point of my blog today. I love to work with sportsmen and women. Whilst I get a massive sense of satisfaction when I see someone rehabilitate from injury or improve their posture, I also love to work with athletes to help them to improve even further their game. In Barcelona I am working with people involved in sports such as golf, surfing and rock climbing.

We are all very familiar with the benefits that Pilates brings, and specifically for football Pilates is relevant because it can help to: improve  flexibility, improve mobility, improve co-ordination, build overall fitness, improve endurance, build body awareness and focus, reduce the risk of injury, and help to rehabilitate after injury

Football demands rapid directional changes, often at near maximum pace, and the delivery of controlled power from unbalanced body positions. As our understanding of the demands placed upon footballers develops, so has the approach to training and injury prevention. The quiet revolution in training techniques is now not so quiet, with modern-day managers acknowledging the crucial importance that stretching, suppleness and flexibility gives their players. Pilates meets these demands perfectly, so an ever growing number of footballers use Pilates to improve their core strength, their co-ordination, mobility, flexibility and technique, as well as for prevention and rehabilitation from injuries.

Pilates is also a perfect form of warm-up prior to playing, and cooling down post-match. Any out-dated opinions of Pilates being a sedate pursuit for ladies only have long been extinguished, with many Premiership Football Teams including Pilates in their training schedule. The benefits are also used by other top sportsmen and women, such as the All Blacks Rugby Team, and individuals such as Tiger Woods.

Pilates is not only appropriate for the professional player. Youth players, semi professionals, and weekend players, whatever their age, sex and ability, would all gain enormous benefit from a regular Pilates’ routine.

I developed Sport Core Strength (http://www.sportcorestrength.com) in London and now in Barcelona to encourage more sportsmen and women to include Pilates in their regimes. Whilst working one-on-one is always a very effective way to teach (especially when most players will have their own specific issues), it is a lot of fun to work with whole teams as well, creating exercises in pairs and groups.

If you want to chat about Pilates for sports (including golf, football, cycling, surfing, tennis, skiing/snowboarding, running rock climbing etc), about Sport Core Strength, or about Pilates in Barcelona then please contact me.

Chris is an international Pilates presenter and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength.  He also organises Pilates Carnival and Fitness Carnival, conventions where all profits go to local children’s charities. For more information about Pilates with Chris in Barcelona, please click on Barcelona Bienestar. To learn more about Chris, please read Just who is Chris Hunt anyway?