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Lady Gaga for Pilates. Again.

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Lady Gaga for Pilates: Again

I have explained before that I am not obsessed with celebrity. Honestly. I have never bought Hello Magazine. What I am obsessed with is Pilates. And whilst not every one agrees, it’s my opinion that if someone starts Pilates because their friend, neighbour, sporting hero or favourite celebrity does Pilates, then why not?

I’ve had comments about glamorising Pilates, about how privileged celebrities are, about creating false hope, even about living on a different planet. But I am sure that I live on planet Earth (most of the time) and so whilst I always respect everyone’s opinion, it is my humble opinion that these people are missing the point of my posts and they are taking everything a little too seriously. All I am doing is raising the awareness of Pilates. If you do not or can not understand that, then it is your choice not to read my blog today! 🙂

Lady Gaga knows how to manipulate the media, but there is no doubting her committment to her Pilates practise. She is a regular poster of pictures on her instagram account. What is also really nice to see is that she has such a great relationship with her trainer.

It’s easy for some people to dismiss celebrities as spoilt and self-obsessed. Whilst some are, in many cases the truth is that it takes dedication, hard work and talent to get to the top of any field.

Chris Hunt is an international Pilates and functional training presenter and educator based in London and Barcelona, Spain. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength.  He also created Pilates Carnival and Fitness Carnival, conventions where all profits go to local children’s charities. He organises Pilates events, retreats, fitness holidays and sports holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza. For more information about training with Chris in Barcelona, please click on Barcelona Bienestar. To learn more about Chris Hunt, please read Just who is Chris Hunt anyway? You can also subscribe by completing the form on the this BLOG to receive articles and special offers straight to your inbox.

Chris Hunt pays all profits made from this BLOG to his charity partners. More details can be found by clicking on www.chrishuntwellness.com and selecting the “charity partners” tab.

Pilates & Functional Training Convention that donates all profits to Charity: Pilates Carnival Barcelona 9/10 May 2015

Pilates Carnival Barcelona May v2 2015

A Pilates & Functional Training Convention that donates all profits to Charity: Pilates Carnival Barcelona 9/10 May 2015

I created Pilates Carnival with one simple aim: to promote and assist with the training of Pilates teachers all over the world.

My passion
Pilates Carnival does this by providing free places to training courses, conventions and workshops, and by organising Pilates Carnival Conventions for teachers and experienced Pilates followers from all over the world no matter which school of Pilates they come from.

Pilates Carnival Conventions
The purpose of the conventions are to teach, learn, socialise, break down barriers. Share our passion and ideas. There is a full program of classes, workshops and seminars, and lots of socialising. There will be Pilates and functional training sessions on the beach and in the park, a dinner and night out in one of Barcelona’s best night-clubs on the beach. There will also be other activities such as a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) session. The conventions are totally different to other conventions, with fresh new presenters, fresh new ideas, and working with a local children’s charity as a partner, all profits are donated to the charity.

This is the people’s convention, so the price to attend the sessions is around a fifth of the cost of similar conventions. All I ask is for a donation of just 50€ for the whole weekend. Now that is a breath of fresh air! Pilates Carnival is not about egos, and there are no boundaries and no limits to what we can learn together.

With the progression and popularity of functional training, I have included functional training sessions in the conventions as they compliment Pilates perfectly.

Pilates & Functional Training Carnival Barcelona May 2015
The next convention is in Barcelona on 9 and 10 May 2015. My charity partner is Fundació Pere Tarrés. This is a wonderful organisation which is doing amazing work with children of all ages. This event is organised and sponsored by my company Barcelona Bienestar, the experts in fitness and sports holidays to Barcelona and Ibiza. You can check out their page by clicking on www.barcelonabienestar.com.

If you want to get involved you can join the Carnival community by clicking on our Facebook Page and learn whilst giving at the same time. Or please spread the word by sharing this post with as many people as you can. What better way to make a real difference to you and to others who really need our help?

Thank you. Together we can and we will make a difference.

Chris Hunt is an international Pilates and functional training presenter and educator based in London, Barcelona and Ibiza. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength. To learn more about Chris, please read his blog page Just who is Chris Hunt anyway? Chris pays all profits made from this BLOG to his charity partners.

Something money cannot buy

Even if you are not in the wellness industry, I hope that you will read this article. I organise conventions two or three times a year called Pilates Carnivals. They are very different to any other convention, in fact as far as I know they are unique in the health and fitness world. It’s not only Pilates, it also includes yoga, meditation, health, fitness, diet and functional training. But what makes them different?

It’s different because it is non-profit. All the profits that are made go to a local children’s charity. Everyone who participates (including me of course) does so free of charge, giving all their time and energy knowing that we are all creating something very special, a very positive energy. The aim is to teach, learn, socialise and break down barriers whilst sharing our passion and our ideas.

Pilates Carnival aims to promote and assist with the training of teachers all over the world. It does this by providing free places to training courses, conventions and workshops and through the conventions. I am creating a global community who are not motivated by money, but simply what to give something back to the fitness community that we love and rely on, whilst also helping charity at the same time. Of course the truth is that the more we give, we more we get back, it’s one of the Laws of the Universe.

My next goal is to arrange Fitness Carnivals based on the same principles, including all forms of exercise. That will be a lot of fun!

My conventions have been very popular, I’ve held them in several countries including the UK, Germany and Poland and this year will be Spain and Australia (I want many more in places all over the globe). But a few people have met my idea with bitterness and animosity. They say I am reducing the value of Pilates. This is of course nonsense, the truth is they are afraid that their commercial interests might be reduced. And some people will never get the fact that by giving, we are creating something money can never buy.

So if you “get it”, you can help. Please get involved. The more we spread the word, the more we can buck the trend of money-making commercialism, bring the Pilates and fitness communities together, improve standards and the more we can raise for very worthy charities. You do not have to be a Pilates teacher. If you have any interests in the area of wellness then you can get involved. You can help by sponsoring the events, donating products that can be sold at events (everything from clothing to drinks, equipment to retreats), donating places on your training courses, presenting at events, offering to work with me to organise an event in your City, giving time in promoting events or web development, and by simply sharing this blog or the Facebook Page.

Please join this community. We can make a difference. Never let anyone tell you that we can’t.