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Beyonce & Paul McCartney are Pilates buddies!



It doesn’t get any more celebrity than this, Beyoncé and Sir Paul McCartney doing Pilates together!

Regular readers of my blog will know that as well as more serious articles about Pilates, I also write about famous Pilatistas. My opinion is that anything that raises awareness of Pilates can only be a good thing. In today’s culture, it’s a fact that many people associate themselves with celebrities. It’s not my place to argue the rights of wrongs of this, I just accept it as a fact, and if just one person tries Pilates because of one of my blogs, then I consider this to be a success. If you want a technical Pilates discussion then please click on the link above to my website or my Facebook link below and let’s chat…

So back to Beyoncé and Sir Paul McCartney. The two music legends were staying in the same hotel, the Four Seasons, during the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California.

The famous pair were seen going through their paces at an LA gym, according to the UK press. It’s reported that they hit the treadmills and after some cardio, Macca, 71, and Beyonce, 32, did some Pilates before heading off for a run.

Celebrity gossip aside, this Pilates pairing shows the world exactly how great Pilates can be. Yes, men and women do it! Yes, old and young do it! Yes, you can do Pilates with a friend because it can be done at many different levels as it is possible to modify the movements to make them appropriate for all levels of ability.

It is clear to the world what amazing condition Beyoncé is in, and it is a good job Sir Paul is staying in good physical shape at his age after he added six more dates to the North American leg of his Out There Tour.

Celebrities, love them or hate them, they do sometimes show the world the possibilities when it comes to using Pilates. For that, I thank them.



Gwyneth Paltrow: Conscious Uncoupling/Conscious Pilates



It was a sad day on Tuesday to hear that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were separating. For 10 years they have been one of the most interesting celebrity couples.

Gwyneth is well known to the Pilates community. After the birth of both of her children Apple, 9, and Moses, 7, it was well publicised that she used Pilates exercises in her routine to recover her strength and flexibility.  It was reported at the time that she worked out for two hours every day, even if it meant having her children crawling around with her.

Gwyneth was reported to have said that as well as the physical side of Pilates, she also really understood that it was a mind and body experience, and that it made her much more conscious of her body and movements. This is a vital aspect of the system and one that must never be over-looked or diminished.

I believe this is so important that  I have enhanced this aspect of Pilates in my system, Pilates EVO by using NLP, Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra chanting and meridians.