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Mila Kunis Pregnancy Pilates again

Mila Kunis Pilates Chris Hunt Pilates Mila Kunis Pregnancy Pilates again


Another week nears an end. It’s been a hot one here in Barcelona which pleases the sun worshippers and the ice-cream sellers, but maybe not so much the exercisers.

After a week of serious blog posts, I have that Celebrity Friday feeling again, my compromise afte a week of serious blogs. I have explained before (but I will again), I am not obsessed with celebrity. I have never bought Hello Magazine. What I am obsessed with is Pilates. And whilst not every one agrees, it’s my opinion that if someone starts Pilates because their friend, neighbour, sporting hero or favourite celebrity does Pilates, then why not?

I’ve had comments about glamorising Pilates, about how privileged celebrities are, about creating false hope, about living on a different planet… Whilst I respect the opinion of everyone, it is my humble opinion that these people are missing the point of my posts and they are taking everything way to seriously. All I am doing is raising the awareness of Pilates. Plain and simple. If you do not or can not understand that, then I am sorry for wasting your time and please do not read my blog on a Friday! 🙂

So today I am talking about Mila Kunis (again). The 31 year-old Hollywood actress, has been doing Pilates throughout her pregnancy, even before she announced she was pregnant with fiancé Ashton Kutcher’s baby. See my previous post “Mila Kunis Pregnancy Pilates”.

She can clearly no longer hide the fact, and she was photographed outside Hunt Pilates in California this week following a class. She is also reported to be having prenatal yoga classes as well, and she admits to cravings for sauerkraut, pickles, guacamole and fish tacos.

It’s celebrity Friday so I allow myself this day to blatantly flaunt celebrities who do Pilates, and pregnant celebrities I think are a great example to show the general public how beneficial Pilates can be and to help raise awareness.

The personal training pregnant clients that I teach in Barcelona are always blooming and more than happy to show off their “baby bumps” (their name not mine). As one of my Russian clients said to me this week, “life doesn’t have to be put on hold whilst I’m pregnant, I’m having a great time doing Pilates, exercising and enjoying all the Barcelona has to offer!”

Do you have any quotes or stories about your pregnant clients that you can share that might help us to inspire current and potential future clients? Also, I am getting conflicting comments from Pilates teachers about their training and what they have been told is safe/not safe to teach, and for how long Pilates can be taught during pregnancy and how soon after birth.

I  hope Mila’s example will convince more women to try Pilates.

Have a great weekend where ever you are in the world. If you are ever in Barcelona, then please come say hello!

Chris is an international Pilates presenter and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength.  He also organises Pilates Carnival and Fitness Carnival, conventions where all profits go to local children’s charities. For more information about Pilates with Chris in Barcelona, please click on Barcelona Bienestar. To learn more about Chris, please read Just who is Chris Hunt anyway? You can also subscribe by completing the form on the this BLOG to receive articles and special offers straight to your inbox.

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Mila Kunis Pregnancy Pilates



Mila Kunis’ pregnancy seems to be the worst kept Hollywood secret. Whilst news she is expecting may have broken the hearts of millions of men, she is doing all the right things with her exercise regime. The 30-year-old was spotted leaving a Pilates class last week.

The actress, who is engaged to Ashton Kutcher, is rumoured to be having a girl, but of course we are not concerned with Hollywood gossip, we are concerned with the amazing benefits that Pilates can bring during pregnancy.

So why is Pilates such a great exercise system before, during and after pregnancy? There are many reasons, and I want to keep this blog short and sweet so for the benefit of those who are not so familiar with Pilates, I will try to briefly explain some of the reasons why Mila will benefit from her regular Pilates sessions.

The beauty of many Pilates exercises that can be used during pregnancy is that they can help with body awareness, they can help to maintain good posture, and they can help to reduce some of the typical aches and pains that most women will experience at some point. Pilates is just about the safest exercise system out there and because it can be adapted, it remains relevant and safe throughout all the stages of pregnancy.

It’s never too late to start either. Even if an expectant mum has never done Pilates before (or even any other form of exercise) it will still provide many benefits. Plus it can help to reduce the recovery period after baby is born. Pilates can and should be last form of exercise a pregnant mum does before the birth, and it can be the first exercises she does after the birth.

There are of course some serious considerations that any Pilates teacher should be aware of when instructing pregnant clients as the pregnancy develops, not least minimizing the time spent lying on the back as this can in rare cases cause nausea and dizziness. Supine hypotensive syndrome is where the weight of the developing baby can prevent normal circulation of blood which can in theory lead to a lack of oxygen which affects baby’s blood supply. Of course exercise should be stopped immediately if any pain or uncomfortable sensations occur. It’s also important to ask all the usual questions about health and previous issues/injuries rather than just concentrate on the fact your client is pregnant.

In my system Pilates EVO Pregnancy© (www.pilatesevo.com) the sequences of movements ensure that no more than 5 minutes is spent on the back at any one time. The NLP, mindfulness meditation and meridian aspects work perfectly in conjunction with traditional Pilates to create a full mind and body experience. I also teach how we can appropriately touch and instruct a pregnant client, and all the special considerations that must be taken into account.

There are of course considerations, and it is this attention to detail that makes professional Pilates teachers such experts. But this should not detract from the fact that Pilates can be totally safe during pregnancy, and it is the perfect way to prepare your body and mind.

I’m happy as always to chat in more detail about Pilates during pregnancy and Pilates EVO Pregnancy© so please get in touch via my website or Facebook.