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Personal Training in Barcelona

Personal training in Barcelona


Personal Training in Barcelona

There is no doubt that having a personal trainer is the best way to maximise your potential and the best way to achieve your goals. Simply going to the gym or attending group exercise classes is for most people not enough to inspire and motivate them.

If you have an existing injury or problem, then personal training is even more important.

For this reason, Barcelona Bienestar offer personal training sessions in Barcelona. Some of our clients like to train outside on the beach or in the parks in Barcelona. Some like their personal training to be just that, personal. They prefer to work with us in their home or if visiting Barcelona for a holiday or vacation then in their hotel.

We will design a program especially for you to give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.  This will not only include exercise, but also nutrition and lifestyle.

We use many different methods to challenge the body and the mind. So for our personal training we use TRX suspension training which uses bodyweight in a challenging group of exercises. We also use boxing, jump ropes, exercise bands, exercise mini balls, weighted vest and many other exercises.

We can help you to achieve long-term fitness and exercise goals if you are living in the Barcelona area, or keep your body in the best shape if you are just visiting. We can also help you with weight-loss or muscle/bulk gains.

We also offer group fitness and exercise training sessions which are perfect as a supplement to your personal training sessions with us. Included in our program is Pilates personal training and group sessions and also functional training group sessions.

So, if you are looking for personal training in Barcelona, if you are just starting out on your road to fitness, or you are a long-term fitness person, we can help you reach a higher level.

We are totally professional in our teaching and our business. We teach in English and Russian. Chris is an International presenter and trainer of fitness teachers all over the world. Julia is the current Miss Ireland Sports Bikini Model and a qualified personal trainer. So you will be in very safe hands.

Chris is an international Pilates presenter and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength.  He also organises Pilates Carnival and Fitness Carnival, conventions where all profits go to local children’s charities. For more information about Pilates with Chris in Barcelona, please click on Barcelona Bienestar. To learn more about Chris, please read Just who is Chris Hunt anyway? You can also subscribe by completing the form on the this BLOG to receive articles and special offers straight to your inbox.

Chris pays all the profits made from this BLOG to his charity partners. More details can be found by clicking on www.chrishuntwellness.com and selecting the “charity partners” tab.