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Jennifer Anniston, “Friends” with Pilates




Why such a fuss about celebrity Pilatistas? Because it helps to raise the profile of Pilates which can only be a very good thing.

Jennifer Anniston, actress, is a life-long devotee of Pilates. She describes why in her own words:

“I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.”

Jennifer touches on many of the benefits of regular Pilates, and it’s true that many people come to Pilates as a remedy for an injury or problem. But once you start and you feel the benefits, then you usually continue for life, rehabilitating the injury and making the body stronger and more flexible than it ever was before.


– Jennifer Anniston