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Pilates Celebrity Friday: Gisele Bundchen

Chris Hunt Pilates Gisele-Bundchen


Celebrity posts always get a huge reaction in my blogs, usually negative in comments but very positive in the number of hits! So clearly some people feel strongly that I am wasting their time with such posts, but the numbers never lie… ūüôā

So this is my compromise. Friday is now my day for celebrity Pilates posts. #pilatescelebfriday As I have explained before, I am not obsessed with celebrity. I have never bought Hello Magazine. What ¬†I am obsessed with is¬†Pilates. And whilst not every one agrees with me,¬†it’s my opinion that if someone starts Pilates because their favourite celebrity dose Pilates, then why the hell not? If a celebrity tries to¬†grab a few headlines by attributing his or ¬†her shape/success to Pilates¬†and a few million people read that article, what harm does that possibly do to Pilates? Of course no harm at all because it’s our job as teachers to use that enthusiasm people have and turn it into reality.

I’ve had all the comments about glamorising Pilates, about how privileged celebrities are, about creating false hope, about living on a different planet from “real life”. Whilst I respect the opinion of everyone, it is my humble opinion¬†that¬†these people are missing the point of my posts and they are taking everything way to seriously. All I am doing is raising the awareness of Pilates.¬†Plain and simple. And if you do not understand that, then I am sorry for wasting your time¬†and please do not read my blog on a Friday! ūüôā

So, my first Friday Pilates celeb is supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She is now 33 and she is in great shape which she attributes to her workout routine which naturally includes Pilates.

Have a great day!

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