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Pilates for Men? Ex-England football captain Steven Gerrard says yes!

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Pilates for Men? Ex-England football captain Steven Gerrard says yes!

I have not written a post about Pilates and men for a while (to read my previous articles please search for “men” using the search bar on the left), so I was very happy to read this weekend that Steven Gerrard, the current Liverpool Football Club Captain and until recently England Captain does Pilates regularly to keep himself in shape.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I do everything I can to promote Pilates for men because as we all know, there are still not enough men doing Pilates regularly. There is of course no good reason why this is the case, so anything that might encourage men to take up Pilates is in my opinion worth writing about and worth sharing. A top footballer is therefore a good subject to write about and to tell clients about.

I have people come to Barcelona from all over the world for my Barcelona Bienestar fitness and sports holidays, and a good proportion of these are men who want to improve their performance, so the word is getting out there.

At 34, Gerrard is considered to be a veteran footballer and even now doubts are being raised as to how many more seasons he might have at the highest level. He explains that having the correct fitness routine is ‘key’ to him being able to perform each week.

“If I am playing Saturday to Saturday, managing my workload during the week is key. When I’m training off the pitch I normally do three weight sessions each day to improve my upper-body strength and one working on my lower body to improve leg strength. I also do two core or Pilates sessions to increase my flexibility. On the pitch I train for an hour and a half each day. That includes drills, ball-work, cardio and a lot of running.”

Once again a varied training routine that includes Pilates is the best solution.

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Kelly Smith: Pilates extends football career

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As a Pilates presenter, my different Pilates businesses work with a range of people, from those rehabilitating following serious injury (www.pilatesrehab.co.uk), to elite sportsmen and women trying to gain that sporting edge (www.sportcorestrength.com).

Footballers have long used Pilates and core training to help them improve their game and reduce the risk of injury. Players like David Beckham and Ryan Giggs are well documented Pilates fans.

Last week Kelly Smith, a footballer for England and Arsenal in London, confirmed that she is using Pilates to prolong her playing career. Smith, 35, has an eye on the World Cup in Canada in the summer of next year, which she believes could see an explosion in the women’s game.

“At my age it takes a lot longer to recover after games, three or four days, when it used to be one or two,” she said.

“About 18 months ago I took up Pilates off my own back and that has really helped. “I go once or twice a week and it keeps me supple and fresh. With the BBC taking up the rights to the Women’s World Cup in 2015, giving the public access to it, it should give a huge lift to the game and see people start going to matches or supporting a team. I’d love to be there, so I’ll be pushing to make the squad.”

Smith has scored 46 appearances in 115 appearances for England.

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