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Are you a Pilates grunter?

Are you a Pilates grunter?


In a week dominated by “that” Puppy Pilates video (has the world really gone that mad?) I noticed another news story about celeb Kate Hudson and the fact that she isn’t afraid to grunt whilst doing Pilates.

Kate is well-known for being a lover of Pilates, and the story got me thinking about the effects of grunting during exertion. Am I sure that you have experienced this in Pilates classes and we are all familiar with grunts on the tennis court. So is there any scientific evidence?

Of course there is! Researchers in past studies have looked at the effects of making noise during workouts, with two of the most notable cases being a 2014 study (The Effects of “Grunting” on Serve and Forehand Velocities in Collegiate Tennis Players: O’Connell, Dennis G.; Hinman, Martha R.; Hearne, Kevin F.; Michael, Zach S.; Nixon, Sam L.) examining tennis players and a 2015 study (Effect of Vocalization on Maximal Effort Dynamic Muscle Performance: Sinclair Smith and Justin Smith) dealing with jumping distances. In both cases, results showed that grunts and groans boosted athletes’ physical performance.

“Most investigators believe that the deep breath with the momentary breath hold actually helps to stabilize the spine during heavy efforts,” Dennis G. O’Connell, PhD, lead researcher of the tennis study explained. The sound-emitting portion of the breath cycle comes from exhaling, and the whole process contributes to a controlled breathing pattern. “This serves to protect the athlete from injury, and subsequently provides a stable base of support for a powerful effort.”

From a scientific standpoint, the grunting noise is made as we exhale against a closed, or partially closed, vocal fold. The vocal folds, or vocal cords, refer to the two bands of muscle tissue that open into the windpipe. The vocal folds are open and relaxed when we breathe in, sometimes producing a rushing noise. But when the vocal folds close as we exhale you might going to hear some turbulence. Some experts say that we get an extra Ooomph by grunting that is probably related to a communication signal from the part of the brain that controls breathing to the part that controls muscle function. When we forcefully push air out, the brain sends information down to the muscles, which either excites muscle groups or decreases inhibition — or both. The result might be enhanced performance.

Because making noises can be so beneficial, some trainers encourage it during their sessions with clients. I have also heard it said that making noise helps students channel their frustration or pain in a helpful way and remain focused.

Of course on the flip side is that particularly noisy clients can be a big distraction for other people trying to focus in a Pilates class.

Personally, I do not encourage grunting to the PilatesEVO students and trainers here in Barcelona as for Pilates I do not think it is appropriate, necessary or conducive for the correct form. So are you a Pilates grunter? What is your experience and opinion? Are you a Pilates grunter? Do you encourage or discourage grunting, or do you not mention it at all? Have you had a particularly noisy client and if so, how did you deal with the situation? Please let me know by emailing me at chris@pilatesevo.com.

Comment faire de votre séjour à Barcelone une retraite de santé et de remise en forme

Formation personnelle à Barcelone Comment faire de votre séjour à Barcelone une retraite de santé et de remise en forme

Un jour férié signifie beaucoup de choses différentes pour différentes personnes.

Certaines personnes vont à une station de plage pour se détendre au soleil. Certaines personnes choisissent des vacances d’aventure à explorer. Certaines personnes aiment les pauses touristiques ou un accent plus gastronomique de s’immerger dans une culture différente. Certaines personnes choisissent de vacances axés sur le sport à pratiquer leur passe-temps favori ou d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau, comme le golf, l’équitation, le ski ou le snowboard, le VTT, le surf / SUP ou la randonnée. D’autres pourraient vouloir musique et les arts pour former la base de leurs vacances.

Alors, pourquoi est un jour férié à Barcelone un excellent choix? C’est parce que à Barcelone, vous pouvez avoir tous les vacances que je mentionne ci-dessus.

Plus de gens choisissent d’avoir une organisation de leurs vacances. Les jours de vacances à forfait traditionnels peuvent être révolue depuis longtemps que les gens utilisent l’Internet pour créer leurs propres vacances de luxe, mais plus de gens veulent quelque chose de constructif à faire sur leurs vacances. Mais ils ne veulent pas d’une série d’hôtel organisé des événements ou des classes que le directeur de l’hôtel pense que vous aimerez à une heure spécifiée par l’hôtel. Ils veulent, un itinéraire personnel sur mesure qui s’inscrit dans les exigences et les délais particuliers individuels.

C’est là que Barcelone Bienestar répond aux besoins de nos clients. Il n’y a rien que nous ne pouvons pas et d’organiser pour nos clients qui nous viennent de partout dans le monde. Barcelone est une ville diversifiée et intéressante et nous nous complétons en donnant à nos clients un itinéraire personnel afin qu’ils puissent maximiser leur jouissance de leurs vacances.

Nous offrons un programme de santé et de bien-être basé autour de quelque intérêt de nos clients. activités de remise en forme comprennent la formation personnelle, Pilates, TRX, la boxe, la formation de veste lestée, fonctionnelles formation, HIIT, et des programmes basés autour des sports spécifiques tels que Stand Up Paddle (SUP) de remise en forme, ski / snowboard, le surf, la marche, le vélo de montagne, escalade et beaucoup plus. Pour toutes ces activités, nous organisons de temps non seulement la formation, mais aussi pratique. Ainsi vous obtiendrez le temps sur une planche de surf, sur les pistes ou sur une montagne.

Mais ce n’est pas seulement les activités physiques que nous offrons. Nous proposons également une gamme de services de bien-être et beauté: massage, régime, perte de poids, les yeux curling cils et les extensions, les ongles en gel et la méditation.

Nous organisons aussi des vacances culturelles, y compris les arts et la gastronomie, et nous donnons des conseils sur tous les aspects de Barcelone des meilleurs restaurants à des sites à voir.

Nous prenons le stress de l’organisation de vos vacances, mais vous êtes toujours en contrôle de sorte que vous avez exactement les vacances que vous voulez et le besoin. Nous ne pouvons tout simplement organiser vos activités, ou sur un ensemble complet, nous pouvons organiser votre hôtel, les repas et les transferts ainsi. Qu’est-ce que vous voulez et le besoin.

Pour plus d’informations, cliquez sur www.barcelonabienestar.com ou contactez-nous et laissez-nous organiser vos vacances de rêve pour vous. Barcelone vous attend, et nous le sommes aussi.

Pilates and Weight Loss: Maria Menounos

Chris Hunt Pilates Maria Menounos


Another Monday morning. I always remember the quote “It’s not Mondays that are rubbish, it’s your life that sucks” and that makes me smile as another week begins.

In my article today, I want us (us being the operative word) to talk about Pilates (of course) and also those emotive words diet and weight-loss. Today I would like to know your interest in and experiences about your client’s eating habits and how in your opinion this affects their Pilates practice and the progress that they make.

Diet is of course only one aspect of wellness, but of course it is a very important one. I talked about the outrageous and often false claims that some people make in my previous articles “Vanessa Hudgens: Does Pilates create a flat stomach?” and “Bikini-body using Pilates: Jennifer Hawkins knows better”. I also talked about diet in my article “Demi Moore: Pilates and you are what you eat” so please if you have time read those articles in conjunction with this one.

One of the things that prompted my article today is that I was reading over the weekend about Maria Menounos, so I want us to use her example as a reason to debate exercise and diet. If you have never heard of Maria, she is something of a star now in the diet and weight loss arena. She credits the Mediterranean diet and a combination of Pilates and fitness workouts for her quite stunning 40-pound weight loss. She wrote the inevitable book about her achievements.

The Everygirl Diet: The Cheaper, Smarter, Simpler Way to Better Health

I am very sceptical about “quick-fixes” and miracle diets, and Maria did lose a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time, but it seems that she did it in the right way and in a sustainable way. She is Greek and followed the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes healthy fats such as olive oil, salmon and avocados, high-quality animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds. She says that she was raised in a strict low-sugar diet as a child because her dad had type 1 diabetes, so when she went to college, she went overboard indulging all her junk-food cravings.

Tired of being overweight, Maria completely overhauled her diet and began exercising during her early 20s. Within a year, she lost 40 pounds and slimmed down to a size 4. The 5-foot-8 Maria now weighs about 125 pounds. She has maintained an active, health-conscious lifestyle ever since. For exercise, Maria tries to walk 10,000 steps (about five miles) every day and she also runs on the treadmill, takes spinning classes, jumps role, plays basketball, and does Pilates and Krav Maga workouts.

It is my opinion that simple logic dictates that our clients will not make as much progress if they take Pilates in isolation, but how much responsibility do you feel about other aspects of your client’s health and wellness? I talked about what I call “total fitness” is my article “Exercise is only one part of Total Fitness” so today I welcome your thoughts and comments about how you approach other aspects of health and wellness, or if you see you role as purely a Pilates teacher. I appreciate that most of us are not qualified in nutrition so for those who are not, how do you try to approach this topic, if at all? For those of you who are qualified, how open do you find your clients to advice about what they eat?

Monday’s aren’t rubbish. And I am sure that this debate today will make this particular Monday an interesting one.

Chris is an international Pilates and functional training presenter and educator based in London and Barcelona, Spain. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength.  He also created Pilates Carnival and Fitness Carnival, conventions where all profits go to local children’s charities. He organises fitness holidays and sports holidays in Barcelona, as well as retreats. For more information about training with Chris in Barcelona, please click on Barcelona Bienestar. To learn more about Chris, please read Just who is Chris Hunt anyway? You can also subscribe by completing the form on the this BLOG to receive articles and special offers straight to your inbox.

Chris pays all profits made from this BLOG to his charity partners. More details can be found by clicking on www.chrishuntwellness.com and selecting the “charity partners” tab.