Sunday Sports Review

What can I say about English cricket? We’ve gone from World’s Number 1 to being out muscled, intimidated and out-psyched by a less talented Aussie side who clearly want it more and have bigger balls… 5-0 white-wash? I don’t think so, but soon to be 2 nil down is not a position that I can see England coming back from.

Man Utd…. It’s hard not to snigger at what’s happening at Old Trafford. It just shows what a magician Ferguson was because Moyes is certainly not, and he has an average bunch of players who clearly are not feeling it. There’s little doubt that they will come good eventually, but it’s already looking too late for a title chance this season. And what will Rooney do in January? Speaking of strikers who clearly do not want to be where they are playing, just imagine what Suarez could do for a really decent team and one that he really wanted to paly for! He will not be at Liverpool for more than another 6 months so Mr Rodgers, quite with the “here is the best place for Luis” bollocks, because you, me, everyone else and especially Suarez himself knows full well that you are talking bollocks… As a Gooner, today is another big game for Arsenal. If we can beat Everton and go 7 points clear then maybe a few more doubters will start to believe. But there are bigger tests in the shape of Man City and Chelsea to come.

It’s good to see Tiger Woods back to his best. Whatever has happened in the past, there is no greater spectacle in golf than to see Tiger on the prowl.

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