REPS insurance rip off

REPS Insurance Rip Off!!

REPS Insurance Rip Off

Dear Fitness Professionals,

If like me you are a member of REPS and you buy their insurance, you should have received by now an email the same as the one pictured here.

It clearly states that:

“Having recently reviewed and renewed the insurance policies for the REPs insurance scheme for 2017, there will also be no increase to the charges for the cover provided either. However there has been a small change to the personal accident cover with the weekly benefit for the temporary total disablement reduced to 13 weeks from the previous 52 weeks.”

People, this is NOT a small change!!! This is a 75% reduction in a vital benefit! It is a HUGE change and it is disgraceful that REPS have tried to mislead and decieve their valued members by dismissing it as small.

Do not stand for this! Write to REPS and move your insurance elsewhere. There are plenty of other providers who will give you honest and accurate advice. If you need any advice on how to find another insurance provider then please contact me. Also please make sure all of your colleagues and friends are aware of this.

REPS, we all expect a formal apology for your misleading email. You are supposed to be the industry champion and standard. This episode portrays you as deceiving and trying to make money out of members by misleading them. Shame on you.

You can contact me by clicking on

REPS Insurance Rip Off




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