Rebecca Judd: Pilates, Pilates, Pilates!

Rebecca Judd Pilates Chris Hunt Pilates

Rebecca Judd: Pilates, Pilates, Pilates!

It was only six months ago that Rebecca Judd caused a backlash on social media after she posted a super skinny bikini selfie. See my previous post Rebecca Judd: Skinny on Pilates. This post received so much feedback from the Pilates community that I thought it appropriate to write again about Rebecca today.

Some would say that she certainly cut a somewhat healthier figure as she attended the opening day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia on Monday in Sydney.

The model, mother and business entrepreneur, 31, is married to AFL player Chris Judd, who she revealed is also a Pilates fan. The fashion savvy clotheshorse and blogger also revealed she’s busy juggling her a slew of priorities, including presenting, her rug line, website and being a mother: ‘I’m working 7 days a week at the moment. It’s a juggle, they’re not full days but its about putting time aside for the kids.’

Speaking about her figure, she said “It’s all about Pilates, Pilates, Pilates, Pilates. I wish I could run but I just don’t have time. And I just work out on (husband) Chris’ reformer equipment all the time, in his man cave. And there’s a spin bike down there I use… it’s all about being fit and strong and toned.’

Bec gave birth to her daughter Billie Kate in January 2014 and son Oscar three years before.

I suspect that the new pictures will not create the intense feedback that her previous pictures did, but as always it is a matter of opinion as to what is right or wrong, don’t you agree?

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Health Retreats Barcelona are in fashion

health retreats barcelona

Health Retreats Barcelona are in fashion

Recent surveys show that more and more people are choosing a healthy holiday

The Great British Public are, finally, changing their holiday habits. New research we are studying at Barcelona Bienestar, a health, fitness and sport holiday business based in Catalunya, shows that the number of British people planning a fitness holiday has doubled in the past year, with around one in two people considering an activity-based break as opposed to the traditional ‘fly and flop’ vacation.

The survey found that one in the three people wanted to ‘tone up’ whilst on holiday and a quarter of people surveyed said they would like to lose weight. In contrast, only one out of twenty people said they would want to go on a group drinking holiday. Separate research by a travel company found that staying active while on vacation is now important for 82 percent of people.

Most popular activiites included Pilates, yoga, boot camp, walking and cycling.

More and more people are saying no thanks to over indulging on holiday, and instead they are choosing much healthier pursuits. It’s way too early to think that this could be the demise of the boozy Brits abroad stereotype, but it is a very positive step in the right direction.

health retreats barcelona

At Barcelona Bienestar fitness, sport and wellbeing holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza, we give people the chance to get away from their normal life with all the associated stresses and strains on a health retreat Barcelona, and spend quality time in beautiful locations whilst also refreshing their body and mind. We have a wide range of holidays. On our detox, yoga and meditation retreats, clients immerse themselves into programs designed to make mind and body healthier. Our fitness holidays feature many different activities in both personal training and group training, such as boot camp, Pilates, boxing, HIIT and TRX. These are designed for all levels of fitness, and we work closely with you to achieve all your goals. We also offer sport holidays where you can try new sports such as SUP, surfing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, cycling, hiking, golf, kite surfing and many more.

All of our fitness professionals you will meet on Health Retreat Barcelona are fully qualified in everything they teach. Most countries are not as regulated as the UK when it comes to fitness and health instruction, so be careful when abroad. You can trust Health Retreat Barcelona with you health and fitness.

Health Retreats Barcelona can be designed to meet all requirements, so for example you can have a mixture of fitness sessions and trying different sports. Also do not forget that you are on holiday in beautiful locations, so the full holiday experience can also include day trips, city tours, time to relax on beautiful beaches, and also entry to the best restaurants and clubs.

The attitude that a holiday should be over-indulging and going over the top are long gone. We know that you can return from a holiday feeling refreshed, fitter, healthier and having tried and learnt new training techniques and sports. You can also have a personally designed health and fitness plan to continue to follow.