Lady Gaga for Pilates. Again.

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Lady Gaga for Pilates: Again

I have explained before that I am not obsessed with celebrity. Honestly. I have never bought Hello Magazine. What I am obsessed with is Pilates. And whilst not every one agrees, it’s my opinion that if someone starts Pilates because their friend, neighbour, sporting hero or favourite celebrity does Pilates, then why not?

I’ve had comments about glamorising Pilates, about how privileged celebrities are, about creating false hope, even about living on a different planet. But I am sure that I live on planet Earth (most of the time) and so whilst I always respect everyone’s opinion, it is my humble opinion that these people are missing the point of my posts and they are taking everything a little too seriously. All I am doing is raising the awareness of Pilates. If you do not or can not understand that, then it is your choice not to read my blog today! 🙂

Lady Gaga knows how to manipulate the media, but there is no doubting her committment to her Pilates practise. She is a regular poster of pictures on her instagram account. What is also really nice to see is that she has such a great relationship with her trainer.

It’s easy for some people to dismiss celebrities as spoilt and self-obsessed. Whilst some are, in many cases the truth is that it takes dedication, hard work and talent to get to the top of any field.

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