Pilates EVO Training Week Barcelona May 2015

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Pilates EVO Training Week Barcelona May 2015

“Life is always moving forward, always changing, always evolving. When we awaken to the fact that we cannot stop or control change, that we should embrace change, then we are able to move forward as well. From this philosophy I created Pilates EVO. We should never forget our past. It built the foundation that our present so depends. But the past is not an excuse to stay still and not plan for a different future. I hope that you enjoy the journey you are about to start. Every journey begins with an intention and a small step. You have taken your first step.”
Chris Hunt, creator of PilatesEVO.

PilatesEVO©: The history
Since its birth around 100 years ago, the Pilates method has been modified and arguably made more effective by some distinguished presenters, but diluted and the basic principles largely ignored by less scrupulous teachers.

Pilates EVO©(EVO is an abbreviation of evolution) is like no other Pilates system you have ever known. Developed by Chris Hunt Pilates in London, it takes Pilates in a new and exciting direction incorporating more functional training methods and movement patterns, whilst staying true to traditional Pilates principles.

Pilates EVO© expands the mind and body element of Pilates by incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness Meditation techniques to maximise the psychological and physical benefits, improving concentration and making clients emotionally, mentally and spiritually fitter. It improves motor fitness such as agility, balance, speed, co-ordination, reaction time and power. Pilates EVO© also draws on the thousands of years of teachings from Kundalini yoga and meridian stretches to impact energy flow and enhance the overall experience.

It has more flow and movement with sequences of moves made up from the sacred numbers 3, 7 and 21, and it uses unique, uplifting soundtracks mixed in London by DJ Shameless to enable clients to really connect with how their body is moving and working, giving a far deeper and rewarding experience. Most moves have different levels progressing muscular fitness using repetitions, range of motion, rate and resistance. This creates a system that will remain challenging to a wide range of training goals from elite athletes, people seeking everyday fitness, to clients rehabilitating following accident or injury.

This system increases muscular strength and endurance as well as flexibility, and helps prevent injury and improve performance with movements that are applicable to life and sport.

Pilates EVO© is more than an exercise system, it is a way of life. A way to maximise your potential physically, mentally and emotionally.

PilatesEVO© Barcelona Training Week May 2015
You can experience PilatesEVO© in Barcelona in May 2015. This event is organised by Barcelona Bienestar (www.barcelonabienestar.com), who organise fitness and sport holidays and wellness retreats all year in Barcelona and Ibiza, and personal training.

Chris Hunt will be running 5 days of masterclasses and workshops from Monday 4th to Friday 8th May. You do not have to be a PilatesEVO© qualified teacher to attend, as all the information and training can be used by any Pilates or functional training teacher in standard Pilates sessions or in any type of functional training sessions.

The program of courses is as follows:

Monday May 4th PilatesEVO© Introduction update
If you are an existing PilatesEVO© teacher you will learn new PilatesEVO© combinations. If you are new to the PilatesEVO© concept then you will gain a basic understanding of the system and ideas and moves you can use in your own Pilates sessions.

Tuesday May 5th PilatesEVO© Tactility© Module
This is the most popular PilatesEVO© course which is useful for any Pilates teacher. It gives invaluable information about how to correctly touch and guide people during a Pilates class, ensuring that your positioning, corrections and hands-on guidance give your clients the best possible learning experience.

Wednesday May 6th PilatesEVO© Pregnancy Module
This module will teach you how to modify your Pilates exercises and sessions for all stages of pregnancy.

Thursday May 7th PilatesEVO© Rehabilitation Module
This module will give you information on how you deal with some of the most common conditions that some of your clients will present with and how you can best help them to rehabilitate.

Friday May 8th PilatesEVO© Advanced Module
Not all clients come to Pilates for rehabilitation. This exciting module gives you advanced movements for advanced clients.

Cost of training
You can attend as many of the training days as you wish. The more days you attend, the less you pay:

Cost for 1 Day: 59€
Cost for 2 Days: 118€
Cost for 3 Days: 164€
Cost for 4 Days: 199€
Cost for 5 Days: 225€

All qualified PilatesEVO© teachers (who have a minimum of the PilatesEVO© Foundation Course qualification) receive a discount of 20% on the above prices.

Pilates & Functional Training Convention
Immediately following the training week, you can attend Pilates and Functional Training Carnival on the 9th and 10th May. This event is truly unique in the fitness industry as all profits are given to a local Children’s Charity, Fundació Pere Tarrés. There is a full weekend of classes from International Presenters and the only charge is a donation of 50€. This is not a typical convention full of egos and reputations. This is the people’s convention and it is a breath of fresh air.

If you attend all 5 days of the PilatesEVO© training week then you get FREE entry to Pilates and Functional Training Carnival (Chris Hunt will donate your 50€)! All qualified PilatesEVO© teachers also receive free entry to the Carnival.

For more information on PilatesEVO© Barcelona 2015 training week and on Pilates & Functional Training Convention 2015, please contact chris@chrishuntpilates.com.

Chris Hunt is an international Pilates and functional training presenter and educator based in London and Barcelona, Spain. He is the creator of Pilates EVO©, bodyFUNC©, and CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited and Sport Core Strength. He also created Pilates Carnival and Fitness Carnival, conventions where all profits go to local children’s charities. He organises Pilates events, retreats, fitness holidays and sports holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza. For more information about training with Chris in Barcelona, please click on Barcelona Bienestar. To learn more about Chris Hunt, please read Just who is Chris Hunt anyway? You can also subscribe by completing the form on the this BLOG to receive articles and special offers straight to your inbox.

Chris Hunt pays all profits made from this BLOG to his charity partners. More details can be found by clicking on www.chrishuntwellness.com and selecting the “charity partners” tab.

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