Kim Kardashian: Keeping up with Pilates


Anything that raises awareness of Pilates can only be a good thing, right? In today’s culture, it’s a fact that many people associate themselves with celebrities. It’s not my place to argue the rights of wrongs of this, I just accept it as a fact, and if just one person tries Pilates because of one of my blogs, then I consider this to be a success. If you want a technical Pilates discussion then please click on the link above to my website or my Facebook link below and let’s chat…

Yesterday Kim Kardashian was the latest celebrity to be photographed leaving a Pilates session. The 33-year-old stopped by a Pilates studio in Los Angeles to stay fit. The photographer was more concerned with her curve-hugging outfit for her workout, but that is what sells pictures right?

Kanye and Kim

The model, actress and American TV reality star rose to fame after a sex-tape was leaked with a former partner, and she is not considered to be part of the world’s most talked about couple with her partner Kanye West.

Kim is reported to like to train using a fusion of pilates, weight training and circuit training done to muscle failure with very little transition to keep the heart rate up. So not the purest form of Pilates as intended by Joseph, but then there have been many modifications over the years and regular readers of my blog will know that I totally endorse Pilates as only one part of any training regime. Whilst some of the more recent “Pilates” systems are in my humble opinion not Pilates at all, it is possible to create a system that stays true to the principles and teaching of Pilates, as I have tried to do with my system Pilates EVO.

As always, if you have any questions about Pilates, training, weight loss of diet, then please get in touch.

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