Audrina Patridge’s Pilates’ Abs


Anything that raises awareness of Pilates can only be a good thing. In today’s culture, it’s a fact that many people associate themselves with celebrities. I’ve no intention of arguing the rights of wrongs of this, I just accept it as a fact, and if just one person tries Pilates because of one of my blogs, then I consider this to be a success. If you want a technical Pilates discussion then please click on the link above to my website or my Facebook link below and let’s chat.

When I go shopping I never look this good! But from the woman who once suggested her stomach was her best asset, Audrina Patridge might just be right!

She is the former Hills star and this is her shopping in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The former MTV star’s super trim physique is down to a combination of genes and hard work, she insists, citing Pilates, walking the dog and lifting light weights as her main exercises .

She once told  OK! magazine: ‘This is my best asset – my stomach. I’ve always had a flat stomach. I eat anything I want, but you have to eat in moderation. You have to balance it out, and be active at least five days a week.’

She added: ‘I love Pilates. I don’t like going to the gym, so I find things to do outside, and I do have little five and ten pounder weights. If I’m sitting there, I’ll lift them and do squats and do leg-ups, sit-ups, stroll a little on the beach or in the park. I love riding bikes. I go and find anything possible. I walk my dog. Anything!’

So another great example of Pilates forming an important part of a balanced exercise regime.

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